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From a place of inner knowledge and guided wisdom, actualize and manifest the desires of your life.

Ade Olorun is led by his godfather in ifa, omo shango, Shango Banboche awo orumila. Also my Oyugbona, omo Shango; Shango Leye awo orumila.
(ashe bogbo awo, And his apetebi ayafa omo Ellegua Eshu Adeyeke ) Orula emi omokan- Himself omo Obatala Ayaguna, Ade Olorun awo orumila.

Everyday people of all cultures, personal backgrounds and walks of life come seek knowledge and direction through divination of Ade Olorun. One such traditional divination system is the Yoruba (Santeria) method known as Ifa.

Ade Olorun embarked on Orisha after seeing his aunt very sick, bed ridden, and near death. Someone close to her tried to inflict death on her by putting something in her food to kill her slowly. She one day met a lady, omo Obatala (a child of Obatala); who introduced his aunt to her ilé on an island in the west indies. After meetings with the elders of the house and taking part in special ceremonies, using baths prescribed especially for her, in addition to making personal sacrifices; she is now living her life cured of her physical ailments. She devoted her life to Orisha, initiated, and received her Orula hand. Her bathes, prayers, ceremonies, Orula hand and sacrificed habits along with some of her favorite thoughts, habits, and things his mother (omo Oshun), after the many encounters, fulfilled her calling also; and suggested that he do some research. Originally, he thought that the cleanings, the baths, the ceremonies were all a hoax.

In every reading being told the same thing all the time: “make sacrifices in your life”; “turn your life over to Ifa”; “humble yourself” became a little too cliché for him. However, his own near death interactions, poverty, as well as other bad luck occurred in his life consequently from not following the advices prescribed by Orula. However, personally witnessing spirits using human bodies as modes of communication with the physical world; witnessing things that the average human mind would render impossible; drummings, masses (seances ), were influencers, and today are still a part of his physical works.
Turning his life to Ifa….
After learning about his misfortunes. In this one particular reading by his godfather, his Godfather suggested that he initiate into Ifa. The Ilé where he was crowned, was the first on the Island of Cuba. He was told he’d have to make sacrifices of somethings, habits, which would change his outlook on life, as well continue to make the changes that would make him change who he is as a man. In other words, he would have to sacrifice to save his life!

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