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Good day to you all,

I am Babalawo and my connections to the spirit world come from my Yoruban IFA, Shango, Wiccan, and African traditions, I employ a wide range of occult rituals to delve deep into the hazy mysteries of your past, present and future. After a single reading, you will see that my skills in revealing secrets and the truth is truly supernatural.

By using an array of tools provided to me by the mystic arts I have been delivering my personalized, one of a kind, psychic readings to people from across the globe for over 40 years. My thousands of clients have deemed my accuracy and foresight as the best available. But for me it is about my mission to help and guide as many individuals as possible during there spiritual journey here on earth.

My you be blessed each step of your journey,


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Wonderful Reading with the Best Advisor

Babalawo is the absolute best reader on the network. Not only is he gifted, he is also very compassionate and wise. I’ve had an ongoing relationship problem that has only been manageable because Babalawo has been guiding me and keeping me from falling into pitfalls. You want truth and honesty, call Babalawo.

5 months ago

Your past prediction just happen!

Yes we made a connection. You were excellent, you answered my questions and your prediction appear to be right. I will follow thru as we discussed. Hopefully things will work Out. Thank you.

5 months ago


This advisor is amazing. His natural psychic power is strong and accurate. On several occasions he specifically told me how my bf emotionally felt about me, discussed his professional life. He has always been on point He is extremely accurate and perfect with time lines. He is one of the best psychics.

5 months ago

I am in Awe!

First time reading with him. I really like the way he reads. He is amazingly good and definitely gifted. He was quick to connect to my situation and he was extremely accurate-“to the point!” His reading is clean, clear, concise and detailed. He also delivered spiritual messages with compassion. I shall return!

4 months ago

Five Stars

Babalawo, you are amazing. I’ve read with you a few times in the past years and you always connect with me and current situation I’ve tried other psychics and none have ever been on point like you. Thank you.

4 months ago


Babalawo has always come through for me Always has a professional manner about him. And he see what he sees I have been reading with for years. thank you Baba.

2 months ago


Thank you Baba for your nice reading thank you again for seeing some positive things coming for me . You are the greatest.

2 months ago

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