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Born in Indian country tampiko mounds,my great,great grandmother was pure black foot Indian. My grandmother she was known as black foot medicine woman. I learned threw her the signs and omions were daily life. She taught me that a black cat was bad luck. A black horse coming right at you and stopping right at you is bad luck also. The white horse means death and a white cat is death. (It usually happens with family or close friends). From a young age I was aware of my gifts. My grandmother helped me develop them. One of the Indian cures for boils and for diaper rash for babies that they used back in the day and they all worked well. I pick up on people’s voices over the phone. I can do healing messages. I can cross over and talk to the dead. I have found lost money for people. My empathic gifts allow me to connect with clients quickly and easily. Providing my clients the most accurate
reading. I feel spirit gave me gifts and knowledge to help people and it is the greatest gift I have ever recieved. All I want to do with my gift is to help others.
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Very happy with your reading. Very impressed about you say was the truth.. Very insightful person. Recomended to call her. She known thing without tell her. Call u Back. ❤❤

2 months ago


simply the best

2 months ago

i love it

excellent reading. she is a must call

2 months ago

Love her reading. Fantastic. No sugar coat advice. She's real. Trusted person. Honest and ver forward and stray talking. Very happy with ur reading.

Talk to Cloeclyde fantastic reader. She tell u what really happens no sugar coating. She’s a sweet lady and with a lot of insight spirit. Ho lo everything will come as she see it. Talk to u soon. Thanks Cloeclyde.😘❤

2 months ago

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