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Kelli Faulkner

Kelli Faulkner

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Welcome! I am Kelli Faulkner, and I have been a Spiritual Medium for 20 years.
I began my career helping people with questions they had about their career, relationships, life path or any type of situation that they felt they were at a crossroads with. When I began giving more personal readings using my mediumship to bring through loved ones I began to notice a gift I didn’t realize I had. I found I could help people locate missing objects they could no longer find. It this what turned my gift and career in another direction and I began helping families find their missing loved ones.
Even though I enjoy bringing comfort to families who are suffering, I also love doing dream interpretations which helps my clients understand the personal psychologist within them. I believe that when someone is lost or at a crossroads in life that the answer can typically be revealed within a persons dream.
I have done extensive work with missing persons cases and have been featured on Psychic Detectives so if you have the time take a look at the video below.
I hope to hear from you soon!

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Thank you

good reader

2 weeks ago
john m

Fantastic reading

She is great! Pleasant, quick and thorough. Amazingly accurate.

2 weeks ago

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