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Moon Child

Moon Child

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Thanks for your interest! If you are concerned about love, money, your professional life, or you are experiencing emotional stressors such as family matters, I am here to assist you. Many of my clients have said I provided a direction or new path they had not even considered.

Born with my abilities, I am able to guide you past confusion and onto a better path. I am a clairvoyant, intuitive/empath, and my gifts are enhanced by my use of tarot cards, as well as, naipes cards.

I answer specific questions, and have the power to read voice vibrations and energies surrounding my clients. When you call I will immediately connect to you and your energy. This is the part of my gift that enables me to look deeply into what is troubling you. I focus this ability, in connection with my cards, to divine the answers you are seeking and perhaps have not found elsewhere.

Included in my gifts is the ability to interpret dreams. This has helped my clients find direction they were not consciously aware they needed.  Identifying your strengths and weaknesses to assist in your spiritual growth is one of the services I provide my clients, as well as, energy cleansing, both of which, I have extensive, successful experience. Give me a call today so we can start this journey together.


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Thank you!

I had a reading with moon child a few weeks ago and I was very impressed at how thorough she was and helpful. I usually don’t like to review someone until their predictions come true but the suggestions she gave me were very helpful. She is very caring and understanding.

5 months ago

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