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I was blessed when I received my abilities at birth, I am intuitive, clairvoyant, and clairaudient which means I not only feel and see things given to me by spirit but I hear spirit as well. I am aided in my readings by the tarot and over the past 22 years have created my own compassionate style of reading.

I have used my gifts, in combination with my formal education, to develop a unique life coaching approach which has added another level to the service I provide my clients, as needed.

When we speak I will need your name, location, and date of birth which helps me connect to you and your vibrations. I will then answer any questions that my be consuming your thoughts, or causing you sleepless nights. Providing you; clarity about the situation, what’s coming towards you, and the best steps to take to ensure your success.

I am also a certified relaxation therapist which my clients have found to be a little special gift they were not anticipating. When we work together to release blockages that my be holding you back from finding your true happiness and life path, this ability has become a true asset to my clients.

My formal education and work background is in law and criminal justice which aids in any reading concerning upcoming legal matters you my be dealing with currently.

As you can see, my abilities can help you in any situation you find yourself, so please allow me to lend an empathetic hand, and assist you today.

I look forward to building a trusted connection with you, allowing us both to take another step forward in this journey we call life!


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