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Hello everyone I am a intuitive clairvoyant and empath born and raised in the foot hills of the Appalachian Mountains of Kentucky.

My grandfather taught me to be aware of the metaphysical world but he never considered it simply how he was raised. Signs and omens were his daily life. As an example, I would explain the rules connected to if you catch a turtle while fishing, but I will just say, it is simpler to throw the pole in the water and forget the turtle soup.

From a young age I was very aware of my gifts but no one around me knew how to help me develop them. I was raised knowing the signs, omens, and cures for those things but it was not until I meet my mentor, a little over 30 years ago, that my true abilities began to blossom.

I started reading tarot cards and learning more about myself at that point. Honing in on my empathic skills and clairvoyance. Over the past thirty years my abilities have grown into my unique style of reading tarot and cartomancy, as well as, Spirit giving me direct messages – my clairvoyance has evolved the most.

I also do light work using sigils for protection, love, money, etc. And work with manifesting, and dabble in astrology.

I have worked as a full time reader for the past few years and love my job. My empathic gifts allow me to connect with clients quickly and easily, providing my clients the most accurate reading.

My Philosophy is: Spirit gave me my gifts and knowledge to help people and it is the greatest gift I have ever received, I want to do nothing now but bless and help others.

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Always accurate

Definitely a wonderful person. She seemed very focused on her reading and have me numbers and dates. I just need to wait for predictions. I will call back soon with updates. Thank you and God Bless

5 months ago

On Point

She is very nice and clear with her readings. Would definitely like to speak to her again.

5 months ago

Great conversation

Very detailed and spot on reading and a wonderful person too! Great conversation. I got so much out of it. I have confidence her predictions will be accurate. Really enjoyed talking with Stormy and I will check with her again!

5 months ago


Omg She is so on point and FAST doesn’t waste your time and gets straight into the reading.

4 months ago

Thank you

Absolute angel. Highly gifted & very special lady. Thank you so much.

4 months ago


She opened up my eyes. She literally lifted a weight off of my shoulders. She was very specific. She told me what she saw, I didn’t have to tell her anything…I literally felt myself going crazy and I feel 200% better about everything in my life not just one subject. She truly is God sent. God bless her.

4 months ago

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